Frequently Asked Questions

Our remotes work at 433 MHZ, which is an open frequency and will not interfere with survey equipment, plant or emergency frequencies. Each unit has its own unique address and a unique information package. You could have 100 welders working in a similar location with no interference to other welders.

All components used in transmitters, receivers and transformers are CSA and UL certified.

Yes, each unit has a full 2 year warranty. In the event of equipment malfunction, return the unit to WAC Welding directly. It will be repaired or replaced with only the cost of shipping. This warranty is NOT valid if the defects are due to damage, misuse, tampering or neglect.

The receiver control is waterproof. The hand control is flash proof (water resistant).

This unit has been in the field for over 8 years. There have been no problems with any type of welding machines.  It simply plugs into the welding unit Remote Control connector.

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